Natural Breasts With Total Curve

Total Curve breast enhancement systemTotal Curve is a breast enhancement product that works to give you the breasts that you have always wanted. It has been shown to not only stimulate growth within the breast, but also reshape and firm the breast for a full “remodel” of the bust. The system includes a breast enhancing daily supplement and a lifting and firming gel that reshapes the breast both from inside and out.

The ingredients included in the Total Curve system are 100 percent natural and can help you promote good health at the same time as stimulating breast growth and lifting. The topical cream also helps to bring toxins out of the skin, return its elasticity, and create firmer breasts.

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How Total Curve works:

This breast enhancement system has been formulated to increase the size of breasts while also improving their overall appearance. It uses natural ingredients both in the dietary supplement as well as the topical cream that work in concert to enhance the look of the breast.

The daily supplement contains ingredients that are high in phytoestrogens—a group of chemicals found in plants which mimic the effect of estrogen in the body while also stimulating its production naturally—which help your body firm and lift the breasts completely naturally.

There are many different reasons why many women’s breasts never reach their full size potential during puberty, such as diet and exercise factors, but many people are not aware that this stop in growth is not permanent. The phytoestrogens found in Total Curve actually help the body restart the breast growth process so that you get real results and your breasts reach the fullest potential possible.

The cream works topically to lift and firm the breast, affecting the actual skin itself, in addition to the cells and tissue within. Over time as we age or have children, breasts lose elasticity and begin to sag, but the cream included in the product can actually reverse this process.

It contains ingredients such as aloe vera extract, bearberry extract, mango butter, and caffeine, which help bring elasticity back into the breast and enlarge the fat cells within the breast, creating a fuller shape. In addition, these ingredients actually help pull the toxins and free radicals out of your skin, improving its appearance and bringing back that natural glow.


  • Breasts are enhanced naturally with added fullness, a renewed shape, and improved suppleness.
  • No expensive surgery is required to enhance the look of breasts which also means no unsightly scars.
  • The natural effects of the ingredients in both the breast-enhancing supplement and cream are scientifically proven, so you can purchase with ease knowing that you will get results.
  • Total Curve can help improve the symptoms of PMS or menopause because the ingredients can help balance your hormones.
  • No negative side effects have been reported as a result of using the Total Curve system.
  • The natural ingredients found in the dietary supplements help maintain healthy body function and nutrition.


  • Changes in hormone levels may causes effects such as pimples and breast tenderness.
  • The appearance of the breasts may revert back to their original size with discontinued use for some users.

How to use Total Curve:

For the best results, both elements should be used in conjunction with each other regularly. The daily supplement should be taken twice each day with meals, and the topical cream should also be used twice each day. To apply it, simply take a small amount of the cream and apply a thin layer to each breast. Massage the cream in to the skin, just like you do with your regular body lotion, until it is absorbed and then continue through your day as you normally would.

Bottom line:

Total Curves is an organic, completely natural product that has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of breasts. They can help you grow your breasts by one or two cup sizes while also improving their shape, bringing elasticity back into the skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and lifting the breasts. The ingredients also have anti-oxidant properties that can help you look and feel better and healthier just by taking the supplements and applying the cream.

By using Total Curve, you can avoid partaking in expensive and potentially fruitless surgery by reshaping the breast naturally. You still get the same benefits of having a bust that you can feel confident about without the ugly scars.

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Breast Enhancement Creams

Because modern society associates a very high level of importance to physical beauty, almost everyone now wants to change a part of the body, which one feels is less than perfect. One such body part that receives much attention is a woman’s breasts. It is believed that women with full and firm breasts are significantly more attractive than those with smaller breasts. Hence, more and more women are looking for a breast enhancement cream that will give them the bust size that they desire.

A woman’s body naturally produces estrogens that stimulate the development of breast tissue and the size of the breasts often depend on the amount of estrogen released by our body during this period as well as the duration of puberty. This process is repeated when a woman becomes pregnant, wherein the body once again produces hormones that encourage breast growth as well as the retention of milk.

A herbal breast enhancement cream is formulated to stimulate or replicate the growth of mammary tissues that occur during the periods of puberty and pregnancy. The mixture of ingredients in breast enhancement cream has been proven to contain phyto-estrogen to achieve the expected results. The body then responds to the phyto-estrogens in the same way that it reacts to puberty and pregnancy.

Breast Enlargement Cream Does It Work?

naturaful breast enhancement creamThe Naturaful cream, which has been ranked among the top three best breast enhancement creams in the market today, is among the most popular breast augmentation products worldwide. It is made from a combination of the roots of dong quai, blessed thistle and dandelion, the seeds of fenugreek and fennel, watercress leaves and the whole kelp plant.

Manufacturers have also added other beauty-enhancing vitamins and minerals to complement the positive effects of these herbs. This and other popular bigger breast creams have indeed rocked the world of beauty and cosmetics with the enthusiasm they have generated in a very short period of time.

Breast enlargement creams that work fast differ from other breast augmentation products primarily in the manner in which they are applied. Unlike surgical implants, it is non-invasive and there is a lot less risk involved. And unlike pills or supplements, a cream is applied only on the skin and does not have to go through the entire digestive system. This method of application is believed to work best because it is focused on the problem area itself.

Another reason why some women prefer to use a cream instead of supplements is that pills have a tendency to cause weight gain whereas there have been no reports so far of women having experienced weight gain when using a breast enlargement cream. And there are also no known side effects from these creams so far, thus it is considered to be perfectly safe. It has even been reported to work just as well with male users.

Manufacturers and other experts in the field guarantee noticeable differences in about four weeks, with results ranging from an increase of one-half to two cup sizes within three months. A breast augmentation cream is best applied once daily, preferably right after taking a shower. While there is no need to continue using the product after the desired result has been achieved, periodic application is still encouraged because our body’s cells all have the tendency to shrink over time.

Just like with any product that we use for either health or aesthetic reasons, the decision to turn to a natural breast enhancement products for help is not one that should be taken lightly. There are several brands making the same promises in the market today, so it is important to collect all the necessary information about this industry before making your choice. This is the best way for you to find a breast enhancement cream that works and stay away from the pitfalls of false advertisement.

How To Make Your Breasts Bigger Risk Free

There are various ways you can learn how to make your breasts bigger. Let’s explore a few options for you to consider as well as the pros and cons of each.

Breast Implants

Typically a surgeon will insert saline implants that are either placed above or under your breast muscle. Today unlike a decade ago, the procedure for the average female is a lot less invasive. More surgeons now opt to make an incision under each arm pit and insert the implant there. This means no scars on the breast themselves.


  • It is a relatively routine procedure that is done on an outpatient basis. Patients go home the same day to continue recovery.
  • You can pick the size you want your breasts to be.


  • This procedure is very expensive. Depending on where you live you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 for breast implants. It is cosmetic so it is not covered by insurance.
  • Very painful. Full recovery takes several weeks.
  • Complications can cause internal damage that can go on for years.
  • Will require future surgeries as implants are not meant to last a lifetime.

Choosing The Right Bra

One of the easiest things you can do to make your breast bigger is to make sure you choose the right bra size and fit. This may seem like a simple thing to do. However you’d be surprised at how many women are walking around wearing ill fitted bras that are unflattering. If surgery is not an option try changing your bra to one that will give you the illusion of having bigger breasts.


  • Involves no surgery and you can create a new look very quickly.
  • You’ll have access to literally hundreds of different kinds of bras to create the look you’re going for.
  • Push up and bra inserts can make you appear at least two sizes bigger or more.


  • Although a great bra can do wonders for your cleavage and can make your breasts “look” much bigger. The fact of the matter is it is not the real thing.
  • Your bigger breasts are only temporary.


A good workout routine is not only good for overall health but specific exercises can give your breasts a much needed “lift.” Giving you the appearance of having bigger breasts.


  • Improved overall health if incorporated into a regular workout
  • Firmer looking breasts


  • You will need to maintain a regular workout schedule.
  • A proper nutritious diet is also required.
  • Requires consistency over an extended period of time.
  • If you stop working out, eventually your breasts will revert and sag as you age.


There are several herbs that have been used for generations to promote healthy breast growth. Most of which are now used in several high quality blends of these herbs.


  • Natural alternative for getting bigger breasts.
  • Affordable
  • Safe


Although they are all natural some herbs can interfere with medications you may be taking. It doesn’t mean they are dangerous. Did you know that a simple grapefruit can be hazardous to a person’s health when taken with certain prescription medications? The point is, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor before taking any supplements if you are on any kind of medication.

Breast Enhancement Exercises

breast enhancement exercises

There are many ways a women can improve the size of her breasts. These methods include getting plastic surgery, consuming hormonal pills, applying breast enhancement creams and also doing breast enhancement exercises. All these methods mentioned above do help to increase the size of your bust, but it all comes at a different price and possess different risks.

Nevertheless, the cheapest and most effective way to grow your breasts is to do breast enhancement exercises. Not only is it free and safe, you will also get to boost your strength and lose some weight in the process!

Breast enhancement exercises will naturally improve the appearance of your breasts, as these exercises help to tighten chest muscles and improve firmness and fullness of your breasts. Below are a few of the many routines that can help in building your chest.

One of the most common techniques is to do push-ups. Push-ups strengthen your pectoral muscles, and this helps your breasts to be more firm and full. If you are not used to on-the-floor push-ups, you can start by doing inverted push-ups against the wall. And once you have built enough strength, you can then start doing regular push-ups.

Start slow and build up the number of push-ups over time. Although it might not build up the size of your breast, push-ups will tone and build the muscles in your chest, thus giving your breasts a firmer and fuller look.

Another popular method is to do chair dips. Chair dips help you to improve blood circulation in your breasts and help to tone your chest muscles. And all you need is a chair! To do this exercise, sit in your chair and use your hand to grab the sides of the chair. Using your strength, push yourself upwards and forward.

Your butt should be off the chair and you will feel the strain in your chest muscles. After holding the ‘upwards and forward’ position for around five to ten seconds, lower yourself back into your regular sitting position. Repeat the procedure several times and try to get about five minutes worth of chair dips during each exercise session.

Bench presses are another breast enhancement exercise that will give you larger and firmer breasts. Presses gives you more defined shoulders and provides a ‘boost’ to your chest, as the muscles built will make your breasts look better. Lying flat on a weightlifter’s bench, you should lift dumbbells that will provide you with resistance.

Do not lift dumbbells which are too heavy as this will overexert your body and might cause strains. Start light, and once you feel that a certain weight does not give you as much resistance as it used to, add on to the amount of weight.

Professionals suggest that breast enhancement exercises should be coupled with consumption of breast enlargement pills or application of creams. This will allow you to get the best results in the fastest amount of time. And also, this is the safest and most rewarding way to give you the look that you have always wanted.

Some Tips For Natural Breast Enlargement

In order for a woman to feel beautiful she has to believe that she has a sexy body. And a big part of that comes from a woman’s full set of voluptuous breasts. Often times these ladies only believe that they are more attractive when they have bigger breasts. This is why they are often searching for plenty of ideas that will help aid them in natural breast enlargement.

If you or someone you know is trying to increase the size of their bust but really doesn’t want to undergo any unnecessary surgery or even take pills to achieve added breast size, then there are actually other ways that you can do so naturally. These tips provided below will help you with natural breast enlargement so that you too can have large, healthy breasts.

Let’s first talk about massage. If a woman massages her breasts correctly every morning it will certainly help her improve her breast’s volume. Thailand has actually taken this method a step further and now offers it as a service inside health spas and other parlors that specialize in these things. But it’s important to be careful when undergoing this practice. It is definitely an effective natural breast enlargement method, but it needs to be practiced correctly in order to get the ideal results.

The next thing needed to be discussed is exercise. There are definitely some exercises available today that will help aid in natural breast enlargement. So it should be no surprise to you that these are called breast enlargement exercises. They’re not just good for breast enlargement though as they will aid in your overall health too. The exercises themselves revolve around the areas of your arms and shoulders, which when done on a regular basis will make a woman’s breasts a lot fuller.

Now we’ll discuss herbal supplementation. Did you know that there are herbal treatments available that can really help you improve the size of your breasts? The purpose of these herbs is to help you balance your hormones. The particular hormone that they target is the one that stimulates excessive testosterone.

Withania Somnifera and Berberis Aristata are the herbs most commonly used when a woman is attempting to increase her breast size. These herbs don’t just work for anybody, so you really need to follow a healthy lifestyle in order for these herbs to be their most effective. And by healthy lifestyle I mean you should be staying away from things like alcohol and nicotine to just name a few.

And finally we’ll talk about diet. It plays a really important role in helping a woman achieve natural breast enlargement. If the woman eats the best foods then her body will naturally develop correctly in all the right areas.