How To Enlarge Your Breasts?

Most of women that I know would love bigger and firmer breasts. And, not one time would secretly contemplate how to enlarge our breasts faster with some boob jobs. After all, plastic surgery for breast augmentation have become the norm nowadays and they are not something accessible only for celebrities.

Here are in short the main breast enlarment methods:

  • surgery
  • food
  • exercises
  • breast enhancement pills
  • breast enlargement creams or serum
  • birth control pills
  • push up bras
  • others

The problem with plastic surgery for increasing breast size is that they are possible to have health risks plus that they are not always as we have expected them to be, many women been disappointed with the results. An alternative to plastic surgery is the natural breast enlargement cream.

You can achieve a bigger breast size by controlling what are you eating. First of all, if you have ever taken birth control pill you would notice that they do increase your breasts. This is possible because they contain low levels of hormones, estrogens and progesterones depending on the brand. However, few women realize that some foods can have the same effect as well.

You should eat foods that are well known to increase the estrogen levels in your body. Be cautious though in not over do it, as an imbalance of estrogens in your body can cause you health problems. If in doubt, you should always consult your doctor.

Soy beans are the best known type of food that increase the women estrogens levels. Also, tofu, asparagus, and fenugeek, wild yam, dandelion root are known foods and herbs for breast enhancement.

Can you increase breast size with chest exercises? This is what some women claim, yet it may take a very long time to grow your breasts this way. The common types of workouts are those that works your arms muscles since those sustain the breasts. A breast is composed from fat tissues, not muscles. However, those exercises are great for maintaining your breasts firmer. Some claim yoga exercises can help as well.

Another popular way for breast enhancement is massage. You need to use a special one that helps with enhancement. If you can not find one, then you could use just the good old olive oil and massage circularly around your breasts.

Using natural breast enhancement cream and pills is another way to achieve a bigger bust. Usually, they contain natural ingredients such as fenugeek, pueraria mirifica, mexican wild yam just to name a few. As I said earlier, they aid in increasing your estrogens levels, hence the bigger breasts. A natural bust cream is Brestrogen.

As you can see there is no magical way on how to enlarge breasts other then surgery or natural alternatives which take time to show any kind of results, if any.